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Marabou Feather Boa

Marabou Feather Boa

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This is another style of feather boa in our store called Marabou boa. They are also made from lots of small natural turkey feathers but their hair is shorter and finer. Marabou boas are great for decoration or accents, which can be used in Halloween; Christmas; Easter and Carnival. You can DIY these Marabou boa for feather cat toys; feather pen; feather Christmas tree; feather hats and more. In addition, these beautiful feather boas are perfect for different kinds of stage shows, theater and photo or movie shoots.

  • Size:                6ft(2Yard)
  • weight:            25gram
  • Material:          Natural Turkey Feather

TIPS: Feather boas are all natural turkey feather and handmade, so some dark color boas may fade and small pieces feathers may fall off when you take them out of then package. It's better to hang them up for 24-48 hours(the longer they hang, the better they look) and use a hair dryer to make feather fluffy and plump.





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